Welcome to Kredit House

Welcome to Kredit House

Your Trusted Mortgage Broker in Spain

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If you are looking for a good mortgage, you will appreciate our brokerage services. We are experts in mortgages and professional negotiators. We have access to the entire mortgage market in Spain and do a comprehensive price comparison on more than 75 different financial products.  We’ll find you the best mortgage deal available based on your individual circumstances and we offer 100% independent advice. We can process your loan quickly and conveniently in 4 simple steps even if you are abroad. Our intermediary services are invoiced without Spanish VAT and our bill is tax deductible. In addition, we offer you a triple guarantee.

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Your Mortgage in 4 Steps

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Quick & Easy Process

Day 1
1. Choose your package
In our first consultation (free) we will study your economic situation in-depth and answer all your questions. Afterwards, we'll elaborate a personal financial report about the viability of your mortgage and the loans available in the current Spanish market. Our report will help you understand which mortgage is best for you and which are the most important clauses to be aware of. We will also give you some tips on how to get your mortgage granted fast in Spain. If you like our services, you can select one of our service packages. In that case, our mortgage experts search, negotiate and process the best mortgage for you and they will take care of all the legal procedures in the bank and the notary, even if you are abroad.
Day 1
Week 1
2. Upload your credentials
Once you have chosen your package, we will arrange your mortgage as quickly as possible. We will ask you to provide us information about your personal, employement and financial situation. You can upload your credentials online in our customer portal, send them via email or deliver them in person at our office. Whatever is the easiest for you.
Week 1
Week 2
3. select your mortgage
It's time to relax while we deal with the negotiations with the mortgage lenders. We start by comparing the interest rates and clauses of more than 75 different loans in 22+ national and international banks in Spain. Then we’ll select the mortgages that suit your needs best. You will receive a minimum of 3 different proposals and we will give you independent advise on the most favorable product.
Week 2
Week 3-4
4. Sign your mortgage
After you have selected the mortgage and the bank of your preference, we make sure to make all legal arrangements needed in the bank and the notary to formalize your mortgage as soon as possible. We'll organize the appraisal of the property, and we'll will take care of any translations of credentials if needed. Our consultants may even assist you with the purchase of real estate if you like. The new Spanish mortgage law 5/2019 requires a two time visit to the notary. The first time you will be formally informed about the content and the financial consequences of your new loan. In the second visit you will actually sign the deeds of the transfer of property and the mortgage. Do not worry: we will accompany you throughout the whole process.
Week 3-4
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97% happy clients
 100% independent advice
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Need Some Help?

Getting a mortgage granted in Spain might seem a daunting task to you. But don’t worry, we are very experienced and here to help. Please let us know what your plans are and we’ll advice you about the best available financial products.

Our first consult is free of charge and you can either use the contact form at the right or book your free consultation directly in our agenda at a date and time that is convenient for you. Thank you. 

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